Office 2010 versions – which ones are business ready?

The following link compares the different versions of Microsoft Office 2010 that are available:

Whilst the Home and Student version is the cheapest and can be installed on up to 3 systems this is NOT for business use. Microsoft states that: “The retail license terms for Office Home and Student 2010 allow for installation on up to three home computers. Not intended for use in any commercial, nonprofit, or revenue generating business activities, or by any government organization.”

Many of our customers have been caught out when going to retail stores to purchase PC’s and end up buying the wrong version of Office (and sometimes home versions of Windows) and have ended up having to pay twice.

To further complicate matters there is also a “Starter Edition” which features cut down versions of Word and Excel that are supported by advertising. These should NOT be considered suitable for business use as they are limited and with no Outlook you won’t be able to connect to your Exchange server.

In essence with Microsoft Office 2010 you need to purchase the “Office Home and Business” edition to give you the minimum product set required for business, yes this is more expensive but it gives you the correct functionality.

If in doubt give us a call and we can advise you further.

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